Week 55 – Basic

Duplicates! The scourge of every data engineer. Our sales data today has a couple of them. Your job is to read the data from an external stage, and clean it up. Expunge the duplicates using GROUP BY ALL that shiney new SQL command we’ve all been given.

create or replace stage week55_stage

At the end your data should look like:

Remember, if you want to participate:

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  2. Post your code to GitHub and make it publicly available (Check out our guide if you don’t know how to here)
  3. Post the URL in the comments of the challenge

5 responses to “Week 55 – Basic”

  1. ChrisHastie avatar

    Another nice challenge to demonstrate new functionality, thanks!

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/ChrisHastieIW/Frosty-Friday
  2. canonicalized avatar

    Lovely feature!

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/canonicalized/FrostyFriday/blob/main/WEEK55.sql
  3. dsmdavid avatar

    Thanks for the challenge! This will be useful with SELECT ILIKE

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/dsmdavid/frostyfridays-sf/blob/main/models/challenge_55.sql
  4. Non-deterministicNorman avatar

    picked up on the qualify clause as an added bonus

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/NMangera/frosty_friday/blob/main/week%2055%20-%20basic%20/GROUPBYALL
  5. Chris B avatar
    Chris B

    Another nice new feature to learn about

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/ChrisBo94/FrostyFriday/blob/main/Week_55.sql

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