About Frosty Friday

Welcome to Frosty Friday, a series of weekly challenges released every Friday to help you practice and develop your Snowflake skills, created by Snowflake users, for Snowflake users.

Each challenge will be based on one Snowflake feature; from time travel, to pipes, from data transformation to streams.

All of our challenges will be SQL based, and some will even allow the option to use Java, and/or Python if you chose to. 

Want to get involved?

  1. Sign up as a member of Frosty Friday. You can do this by clicking on the sidebar, and then going to ‘REGISTER‘ (note joining our mailing list does not give you a Frosty Friday account)
  2. Go to the challenge index.
  3. Read the instructions.
  4. Complete the exercise.
  5. Post your code to GitHub and make it publicly available.
  6. Post the URL in the comments of the challenge.
  7. Optional: Join our mailing list and be the first to hear when we publish new challenges! You can do so on the right

How it works

Challenges will be labelled ‘basic’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘difficult’ according to the skillset required. Try your best! And if you get stuck, post questions in the dedicated thread on the Snowflake Community Forums (the URL will be available in the challenge introduction).

Every submission will go towards your grand total, which we will track on our leaderboard.

If you have any challenge ideas, feel free to submit them, and – if chosen – we will be sure to credit you in the challenge introduction.

Participation Notes

Because many challenges will need ACCOUNTADMIN status, to participate, we recommend either:

– Your company sets up a ‘learning’ Snowflake account where no company data will be stored and multiple people can feasibly be ACCOUNTADMINs (which is not best practice for normal accounts).

– You set up a free trial account used for participating, which you can do here.

We strongly recommend you do not use any UAT, DEV or PROD accounts that your business is using for business needs.

Note: This page is not run, nor administered by Snowflake. The owners of the page do not have any official affiliation with Snowflake. For any Snowflake queries, we suggest contacting Snowflake directly. We cannot pass on any customer queries.