Meet the Team

Christopher Marland

Hi, I’m a Snowflake Data Superhero (2021 & 2022) and work at Aimpoint Digital as a Senior Data Engineer. I first came across Snowflake when working for The Information Lab (where I met Mike & Martijn).

The idea for Frosty Friday first came to me when thinking about how I could help the Snowflake Community. I thought back to the Makeover Monday project run by Andy Kriebel & Eva Murray, and how much it helped me when I was first learning Tableau, and the Alteryx Weekly Challenges when learning Alteryx.
It is my hope that a new generation of Snowflake experts will emerge thanks to Frosty Friday, who will go on to do amazing things with the product.

Mike Droog

Hi, I’m Mike Droog, Data Engineer working at The Information Lab Netherlands. I was first introduced to Snowflake by our CTO Martijn Verstrepen who was very enthusiastic about it and, after a couple of tries, I happily joined him in his enthusiasm!

I met Christopher at the 2022 Summit and we started talking about the idea that was Frosty Friday. I was immediately sold on the idea and started pitching ideas and opportunities. After overloading Christopher with work, it slowly became apparent that it might be a good idea to divvy up the work.

I really believe that Frosty Friday can fill a gap that’s currently in the Snowflake space. Challenging the experienced and inexperienced alike, learning or deepening our understanding of Snowflake features new and old.