Week 72 – Basic

This week, we’re looking into a new Snowflake feature, EXECUTE IMMEDIATE FROM.

Take the following sql:

create table week72_employees (
    employeeid int,
    firstname string,
    lastname string,
    dateofbirth date,
    position string

Create an external stage to the following location:


Execute immediate from the command inside, and your data should look like:

Happy executing!

3 responses to “Week 72 – Basic”

  1. ChrisHastie avatar

    A quick and fun challenge to wrap up the week, thanks for continuing to promote new functionality!

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/ChrisHastieIW/Frosty-Friday
  2. Norman M avatar
    Norman M

    learn something new every week

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/NMangera/frosty_friday/blob/main/week%2072%20-%20basic%20/EXECUTE%20IMMEDIATE
  3. dsmdavid avatar

    Thanks for the challenge! Intrigued about the possibility, also very scared of running it from an uncontrolled stage

    • Solution URL – https://github.com/dsmdavid/frostyfridays-sf/blob/main/models/challenge_72_01.sql

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